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we have produced closed cell foam products for the past 20 years in a very large variety of forms starting first with boating pieces and items that need to be waterproof heat retaining and sound proofing anti vibrational as well as being completely buoyant.

as a product that is produced in so many different densities, from soft comfortable cushion quality's to almost solid board like pieces , it comes as a standard or as a fire retardant , variety again through all the grades up to fire retardant aircraft.

quality wise is probably the most expensive and the best you can get ,  and the a real advantage of polyethylene closed cell foam  first the fact that it is very light weight so gives strength and solidity to any structure and where in manufacturing industries are always looking to reduce the weight of finished products ,

this makes the economics obvious.

closed cell foam appears now in many of the every day products from packaging to air craft

the thermal properties of closed cell foam are by now well known a simple test is to place a hand on any piece of closed cell foam and you will notice with in seconds how the warmth of your own hands is reflected back to you giving a lovely warm and comfortable feeling to you . and because it does not take on any water you never get that refrigerated evaporation effect.

the softness of closed cell foam meant it can be used in clothing where warmth is need to be retained and also in protection of skin where abrasions can case discomfort as in the case of knee and elbow pads.

we supply closed cell foam for sound proofing, buoyancy, thermal,protection etc.

lots of different sizes and thicknesses available check out this web site and on our ebay shop or call 01270841174 (ask for tom) or email

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